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Northern Taiwan’s only international hotel that provides a portal to engaging travel with luxurious rooms offering beautiful views, perfect for short vacations and lengthier cultural experiences. Enjoy the golden coasts with diverse travel packages.

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International Grade Accommodations & Services

“GOLDEN TULIP FAB HOTEL NEW TAIPEI” is an international resort in northern Taiwan. The hotel boasts international grade management services that provides exquisite, professional quality for the 5 themes and 7 room types of all 175 guestrooms on the gold coast. The unfettered views from our rooms are breathtaking and allows guests to enjoy the magnificence of each sunrise and sunset during any season. In addition to guestrooms, the hotel includes a multi-functional exhibition space with a capacity for 500 guests, making it perfect for corporate events and training as well as banquets of all sizes.。

Culture & natural

Breathtaking views and delectable cuisine – New Taiwanese-style Fujian cuisine satisfies the toughest critics

Delicious cuisine is the perfect accompaniment for breathtaking views. The hotel provides a multinational buffet, the relaxing lobby bar, beautiful views from the lounge, and New Min Jiang banquet cuisine. New Taiwanese-style Fujian cuisine combines fresh seafood from Tamsui and seasonal ingredients with culinary techniques such as steaming, frying, simmering, and stewing. New Min Jiang banquet cuisine features healthier dishes with reduced oil, salt, and sugar but doesn’t compromise in elegance, flavor, nutrition, health, and food safety. It is the perfect choice for family birthdays or gatherings.

In order to emphasize our brand identity, we provide consumers with a one-stop environment for leisure, arts & culture, lifestyle, dining, cross-field art exhibits, and the aesthetic lifestyle. The outdoor wedding area provides one-stop service for newlyweds by offering proposals, wedding photos, and banquets. In the future, the park can be utilized as a space to express cross-industry creativity and act as a matchmaker for different fields of art or industry interaction. By consolidating local resources in Tamsui, we aim to bring craftsmen of all trades into the park and host seminars, classes, and share products to energize Tamsui’s local industries.

Memory street

Tamsui Old Street and the heritage of a century’s memories

“Golden Tulip Fab Hotel” is located at the heart of Tamsui Old Street and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf surrounded by historical sites such as Fort San Domingo, Huwei Fort, and Former British Merchant Warehouse. The hotel encourages guests to head outdoors to enjoy nature as well as areas with cultural and historical significance for a better understanding of what makes Tamsui so wonderful. Please look forwards to the future as the hotel will provide local tour packages.

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Tamsui, also known as Taiwan’s Manhattan, boasts priceless views of the estuary and mesmerizing sunsets. “Fab Green Village” is located at the heart of Tamsui Old Street and Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf; behind lies cultural behemoths and sites such as Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Fort San Domingo, Hobe Fort, and Former British Merchant Warehouse. The area is a key part of history over the past century, linking key nodes of tourism along the northern coast.